‘The Illustrated Courtroom’ Available for Pre-Order

Our next book, The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art, is now available for pre-order both in paperback and ebook formats. This is first book that really examines this intriguing intersection of journalism, law and art. The book features dozens of iconic illustrations by five of the best court illustrators in history, covering court proceedings with boldfaced names: Jack Ruby, the Black Panthers, Charles Manson, O.J. Simpson, Son of Sam, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart and many more. The book, which also features a section on some of the most dynamic and compelling lawyers of the last half century, gives a behind-the-headlines look not only at the trials, but into the minds and workstyles and artistic philosophies and goals of the five artists: Richard Tomlinson, Aggie Kenny, Howard Brodie, Elizabeth Williams and Bill Robles. Elizabeth Williams curated this collection, which includes text by award-winning true crime writer Sue Williams and a foreword by renowned criminal prosecutor and crime novelist Linda Fairstein.

This oversized book, with 140 illustrations reproduced in full color, carries a cover price of $60 for the paperback and $10 for the ebook, with a combination price of $65 for the paperback and ebook purchased together. Pre-order now for shipment in mid-April.