Celebrity Endorsements for The Illustrated Courtroom

Scott Cohn and Bill Kurtis, two high-profile journalists known for covering big trials across America, have endorsed our new book The Illustrated Courtroom, which is now available for pre-order:
“The images proposed for The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art are unique for many reasons.  They represent a timeless space in a technology crazed world.  The Courtroom has hardly changed in 500 years from its English common law origins. Yet it is the scene of our most important battles. And until recently, it was invisible. These artists have provided the only visual documentation of some of the most historic moments in our history. They have captured the emotion, the action, the drama of events that were otherwise not seen by anyone outside the walls of this sacrosanct bedrock of our democracy.“Through their eyes and lightning quick strokes, we were given a look inside.
It’s worth a look again.”

Bill Kurtis, former CBS News anchor and host of A&E American Justice.

“With cameras barred from most courtrooms, these artists are the public’s eyes for some of the most important moments in history. They are journalists in every sense of the word, and this book is a beautiful chronicle of their work and of our legal system.”

Scott Cohn, Senior Correspondent, CNBC