CUNY Journalism Professor Leads Fight Against Fake News

Copyright Eirik Solheim

Copyright Eirik Solheim

In the article “A Call For Cooperation Against Fake News” CUNY Graduate School for Journalism Professor Jeff Jarvis and Internet Startup Investor John Borthwick outline a list of strategies to stop the proliferation of fake news via popular social media platforms.

The two introduce strategies to better vet information on social media like tweaking the Facebook platform to make it easier for users to flag down fake news. They also suggest creating and expanding systems to verify sources and even send metadata to the social media platforms about fact checking and reporting.

But the strategies don’t stop at vetting fake news, Jarvis and Borthwick are also concerned about the need for citizens to receive diverse information, so their social media doesn’t turn into an echo chamber.

They suggest Facebook develop a system where users can opt into receiving information that differs from the political viewpoint. To add suggestions to how social media platforms can do a better job of verifying and curating information, click here.

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