Journalism Professor Proposes Media Strategy of Empathy to Rebuild After Volatile Election

With the presidential electionempathy-dogs nightmare almost at an end – CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Professor Jeff Jarvis’ latest blog entry “Empathetic Journalism For The Right,” proposes a new strategy for the mainstream media to connect with the approximately 40 million white angry alienated male voters, whose frustrations have propelled Trump onto the national scene.

Jarvis’ new strategy is a four pronged approached that instructs mainstream media outlets to re-engage with Trump’s base of poor, underemployed white men by doing the following: reporting on their relevant social issues, investing in responsible conservative media – to serve as an alternative to far right divisive machines like Fox News and Breitbart, pooling resources to serve this community by creating open job databases along with needed skills and acting as a needed conduit to connect different, previously alienated communities across class and racial lines. By following this strategy, Jarvis says the media can help the country recover from an election marred by divisiveness and anger.

Jarvis is a leader in journalism who has written several books about its changing business model, including Geeks Bearing Gifts, about the future of the news media. To order the book, click here.

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