‘American English’ Is On Sale Now

AmericanEnglish_CVF-2We’re pleased and proud to announce that our new book, American English for World Media, by Diane Nottle is now available for sale on our site, and will soon be available through other online booksellers, too. (Though we prefer that you buy it through us, which offers us more support for publishing our next books.)

Subtitled ‘The CUNY Journalism School Guide to Writing and Speaking for Professionals,’ the book is the result of Nottle’s long experience as a editor at The New York Times and elsewhere, and her side career as a coach for journalists who are working in English even though it is not their native language.Nottle, who coaches the international students at CUNY CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, also teaches regularly in Europe, China and elsewhere around the globe.

When word got out that Diane was doing ‘American English,’ a number of leading writing coaches, journalism professors and media executives around the world queued up to offer blurbs for the book, which we anticipate will be used not only by journalists but by other professionals as well — anyone for whom writing and speaking in English is important. (Even native speakers are telling us it is a really helpful language usage and grammar guide.)

Please check out the book and/or buy it here. If you want a desk copy for possible bulk purchase — we offer significant discounts — please contact press@journalism.cuny.edu