CUNY Author Weighs In On ‘Zombie’ Tom Brady Sketch

“The Illustrated Courtroom,” author Elizabeth Williams’ depiction of NFL Quarterback Tom Brady in court this month drew much less attention than the controversial “Zombie Brady” image drawn by her colleague Jane Rosenberg.

Williams recently shared her thoughts on the courtroom art controversy in her column with the New York Observer.


“Jane Rosenberg’s sketch (pictured right) depicted the pretty-boy quarterback as if he had taken too many blows to the face,” Williams wrote. “She did this scene that was journalistically accurate, but I knew it was going to take me too long.”

Williams apparently took her time drawing her own image of Brady (pictured below), which is less popular for the right reasons.

BRADY1“He looked contrite; his head was bowed and his eyes downcast, which I felt was important to capture,” Williams said of Brady’s demeanor in court. “I said to myself, ‘I’ve got to … just zero in on him.’”

Rosenberg and Williams depicted the New England Patriots signal caller during an Aug. 11 appearance in Manhattan’s federal courthouse following a lawsuit Brady filed against the NFL for suspending him four games this upcoming season.

Brady’s suspension was punishment for cheating allegations against him and the Pats. An NFL investigation earlier this year concluded he conspired with Patriots personnel to deliberately deflate footballs his team used in the 2015 AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts, allegedly making the balls easier to throw and catch.

Rosenberg’s illustration of “Tom Terrific” went viral on social media sites. Twitter users created the hashtag #ZombieBrady comparing the likeness to something straight out of an episode of “The Walking Dead.”

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Brady is one of many famous faces drawn by Williams. Her book, “The Illustrated Courtroom,” a collection of courtroom art from some of the most famous trials of the last 50 years, features likenesses of John Gotti, Bernie Madoff, and “Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle among others.

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