CUNY Profile Subject Weighs In on Rand Paul, Presidential Race

Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul may know the Constitution, but he lacks the fortitude to make it to the White House, claims Legendary Author Nat Hentoff.

The former Village Voice jazz critic and Libertarian who is the subject of CUNY Author David L. Lewis’ book, “The Pleasures of Being Out of Step: Nat Hentoff on Journalism, Jazz, and the First Amendment,” recently shared his thoughts on Paul and other 2016 presidential politics in an interview with the conservative website World News

“Though he knows more about the Constitution,” Hentoff says of Paul, “there is something lacking in him, and that’s, to use the language of the street, a certain amount of balls.”

Hentoff criticized Paul’s failed effort to end the much-maligned U.S. Patriot Act, which was ultimately renewed by Congress earlier this year, as well as Paul’s support of President Obama’s efforts to renew diplomatic relationship with Cuba.

“I have friends who have been in Cuban jails for a long time,” Hentoff tells WND,” and they have very little chance of getting out.”

At 90-years-old, Hentoff also addresses his recent health troubles and rumors that he may soon return to writing and political commentary.

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David Lewis’ book, “The Pleasures of Being Out of Step,” profiles Hentoff like never before with extensive interviews with Hentoff himself, his allies and rivals, and his unique career in American journalism and activism.

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