Jeff Jarvis talks ‘Geeks Bearing Gifts’ on NPR’s ‘On the Media’ Podcast

Rave reviews continue to pour in for CUNY J-School Professor and Scholar Jeff Jarvis’ latest book, GEEKS BEARING GIFTS: Imagining New Futures for News, his analysis on the future of news production and delivery.

The veteran author, who also wrote the 2009 critically-acclaimed, “What Would Google Do?” was recently featured on host Bob Garfield’s, “On the Media,” weekly podcast discussing how relationship-building is the key to capturing news consumers in today’s transformed mass media landscape.

“We have to stop thinking of journalism as a content factory and we have to re-think it as a service,” Jarvis tells Garfield. “If my local newspaper knew more about me, gave me greater relevance, it would get greater engagement from me. It would get higher value advertising for me, and I think that a relationship-based strategy is where we have to shift journalism.”

Jarvis was also quoted in a Feb. 10 news story for PBS Idea Lab about the future of journalism and how consumers get their news. And last month, “Geeks,” was spotlighted by BBC Culture as one if it’s “Ten Books to Read in February.”