50 percent off on The Illustrated Courtroom

If you’re one of the people who couldn’t quite put your hand in your pocket to pay $60 for the oversized paperback edition of The Illustrated Courtroom, we have welcome news for you. Thanks to a new printing, the price has dropped 50 percent — from $60 to $30. The ebook is still $10, but you can buy the paperback/ebook combination — a surprising number of people do — for $35. Buy it here for yourself or as a unique holiday gift for journalists, lawyers, artists and anyone interested in the news of the day. The drawings cover iconic court cases over the past 50 years, from James Earl Ray to Charles Manson to Son of Sam to OJ to Michael Jackson to Bernie Madoff, and the text takes you behind the scenes for never-before-told tales of judges, lawyers and defendants — Black Panthers, Mafia dons, Middle East terrorists and more.