Praise for Our Nat Hentoff Book

Here’s a perceptive and (mostly) laudatory review of David Lewis book The Pleasures of Being out of Step: Nat Hentoff on Journalism, Jazz and the First Amendment. PopMatters reviewer Hans Rollman writes: “The juxtaposition of these two titular items – jazz and the first amendment – help underscore the fact that Hentoff saw himself, first and foremost, as a journalist. He became established early on as a jazz reporter, but when he approached the Village Voice and offered to write for them, he told them very deliberately he would not write about jazz. What comes through here is the image of an aspiring writer and journalist in fear of being typecast. Indeed, Hentoff’s repeated efforts to avoid finding himself professionally pigeon-holed within the field of jazz journalism that he so loved, render him an indelibly human character.” Check out the book here.