DNAinfo reports on Liz Williams and ‘The Illustrated Courtroom’

Irene Plagianos has a nice story on DNAinfo about about renowned courtroom artist Elizabeth Williams and her new book for us THE ILLUSTRATED COURTROOM. 

The story, based on an interview with Liz at the downtown Manhattan gallery hosting a show of some of her work, notes:

Surrounded by images of some of the most infamous murderers, mobsters and white-collar crooks in New York City, Elizabeth Williams flashed a bright smile.

“It’s amazing to see it all here,” said Williams, a courtroom artist for more than 30 years, as she stood amid a collection of her illustrations. “This is really a slice of American history, from a perspective that many people never get to experience.”

Several of Williams’ sketches, along with the works of four other illustrators, are now on display in an exhibit at the World Trade Art Gallery that chronicles years of courthouse drama — including the headline-grabbing trials of murderer Charles Manson, scam artist Bernie Madoff and media mogul Martha Stewart.