Goodale on NPR’s ‘On Point’ Discussing Snowden

Here’s a note we just received (June 24) from James Goodale, whose book Fighting for the Press is getting tons of attention amid the Obama administration’s actions against leakers and journalists, and now the efforts to prosecute former CIA contractor Edward Snowden:

Tonight at 8:00 PM I will be on NPR for an hour on Tom Ashbrook’s program “On Point”.  It is broadcast in New York on WNYC AM 820.  It is also broadcast nationwide at various times and on line at   Because of the Snowden leak and flight my comments are sought in connection with my book “Fighting for the Press: the Inside Story of the Pentagon Papers and Other Battles.”  Here are links to recent broadcasts (both TV and radio)

C-SPAN (one hour TV):

Listening Post (Al Jazeera, one half hour) :

Leonard Lopate (one half hour):

Best, –JGoodale