Praise for ‘Fighting for the Press’

James Goodale’s upcoming book (available for pre-order) looking back at the Pentagon Papers — and comparing President Obama’s current policies about press freedom to those of Richard Nixon — is drawing raves from a couple of interested readers who have had an early look:

“The most detailed and honest inside account yet of the successful judicial fight to publish the Pentagon Papers by the uncompromising lawyer in the middle of it. Goodale and his colleagues won the right  to tell the American people that their government – and their President – had lied, manipulated and cheated their way into a disastrous war . . . while the war was still being waged. This history could not come at a more important time.”  – Seymour M. Hersh

“James Goodale is an American treasure and so is Fighting for the Press. This is a story worthy of John Grisham, except this one actually happened; it is fact, not fiction – and it’s still unfolding. ”  – Dan Rather