Penn State Recognizes Alumna Diane Nottle For Recently Released Book

nottlePenn State recently featured their alumna Diane Nottle’s book “American English for World Media: The CUNY Journalism School Guide to Writing and Speaking for Professionals,” on its website.

Nottle, who is a 1975 Penn graduate, wrote the book mostly for non-native international journalists who will be writing in a primarily English-speaking environment. The book touches on media idioms and expressions, while also diving into pronunciation and grammar.

In addition to international journalists, Nottle said the book could also be used to help anyone who needs to use English professionally to advance in their career, including students.

After graduating in 1975, Nottle spent the next 30 years as an editor in print media; this includes over 20 years spent as an Arts editor for the New York Times. After parting ways with the Times in 2008, she has started teaching English and journalism at home and abroad.

Since 2012, she has worked as a second language coach to international students at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism. This book is being published by the CUNY Journalism Press.

Nottle has a long history of journalism dating back to her time at Penn State: There she was the editor of the Daily Collegian.

To see Penn State’s coverage of Nottle, click here.
To order your copy of the book, click here.



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